Project: Command Center Organization, Pt. 3 (FINISHED!)


Finally finished with my "home office" organization.  I feel great now that it's done, and I'm much happier every time I sit down to do grocery lists, budgeting, go through the mail, etc.  Check out my before and after pictures...

Much better, right?  Right.  I even have a before and after of the drawer... a lot easier to find things..

So, first I went through all of our papers (financial documents, etc, etc) and made a pile of things to shred and then sorted the rest and put them in their respective hanging file folders (here).

Second, I found a way to organize everything on top of the desk.  A little storage box worked really well for me.  I also bought a couple $1 jars to put in tacks and paperclips. (here).

Finally, I organized the drawer, cleaned up the rest of the clutter on the hutch and added a few new touches for now (like a few pictures that really make me smile).  Oh yeah, I also added my little coupon book.. helps me keep them organized when I go shopping!

I feel like I can breathe a little bit better now that this is done.  And I don't cringe every time I pass this area - always a plus.  How does everyone else keep their 'home office' space or papers and such in order?


  1. great job organizing... you are one champ at that!!! I could use your help, big time :)

  2. Hi. You don't know me, so I guess I am kind of a stalker?!! I came across your blog from Karen's. Anyway, we are stationed at Osan as well and I just have to know where you got those cute little jars holding your paper clips, etc. Adorable!
    Just tried to sign in with my account, but can't, so I am posting under anonymous ;)

  3. Hi Kara! Thanks for stopping by :) I got the jars at E-Mart for about 1500won a piece, maybe less if my memory serves me right! They're on the first floor by the kitchen things. Hope that helps!


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