A Weekend Adventure... Shinsegae!


The other day my husband and I decided to get out of this town and do something since he actually had this weekend off of work.  We were headed to Namdaemun Market up in Seoul... but as soon as we hopped off the Subway I needed to find a bathroom ASAP (baby likes to use my bladder for her kickboxing workout it seems!).  Well the first thing I saw when we got off the subway was the entrance to some store, so we wandered in there to find the restrooms... and I'm pretty sure we hit a gold mine!  I wasn't sure what the place was at first, because the entrance was underground by the subway, but it was the biggest department store I've ever seen. 

Apparently it's called Shinsegae Department Store.  Fourteen floors of sheer goodness (FOURTEEN!).  You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

We spent most of our time on the first floor, though.. that's where all the delicious food was!  We walked through a lot of the floors, though.  Clothes (men's and women's), handbags, makeup, shoes, food.. oh my.  They had all the expensive stores... Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Tiffany & Co., etc, etc... you know, all the stuff I would never waste my money on, but it's fun to look at!  Then they had some Korean designers, and some stores that were more my taste... Calvin Klein, Gap, Banana Republic, etc, and some cute Korean stores.

They had an amazing home goods section, too.  I fell in love with a set of Andy Warhol dishes... oh my, they were so amazing.  A tad pricey for my taste ($50 for ONE dinner plate?!).  But amazing nonetheless.. good eye candy!  But my most favorite floor of all was the floor with all the food on it!

I have been craving Auntie Anne's since we left Virginia.  Literally.  LOOK WHAT I FOUND.  Heaven on earth!  I was a very happy pregnant woman that day..

They had an super cute bakery in there as well, and we came home with a few goodies.  Including this deeeelicious chocolate chip bread.  Addictive! 

This was on the 11th floor.. they had a little 'Sky Garden' as they called it.  Can you see the baby belly?  It's there.. I should have had the lady stand back a little more while taking the picture.  ;)  We had such a great day.. even though we never made to Namdaemun Market.  But that's okay, it's fun to find such neat things by surprise!

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  1. Cute blog, and congrats on the new baby coming. Being a mom is the best!


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