Nursery: Easy No-Sew Curtains


This past weekend I was able to get the curtains finished for our baby girls' nursery.  I love these curtains because they are so simple!  Anyone can do them (as long as you know how to use an iron... which I hope you do).  Making them is so much more fun than just going out and buying curtains, imo, because you get to pick out exactly what you want.

For these, all I needed was a fabric of my choice (after I measured my window for exactly what I needed, adding on 1 inch on the top and bottom for the hem), scissors, iron on hem tape, and an iron.  Totally simple, right?  Hem all the way around your fabric, and wah-la, you have curtains!

I chose this beautiful deep pink fabric and it compliments the light blue walls SO well!  The fabric is light and breezy - I wasn't concerned about them being thick and room darkening because this particular room in our apartment gets practically no natural light because it's in the very corner of the building (it doesn't help that it was cloudy out when I took these photos!).  Which is why some of the pictures are so off.. sorry about that.. hard to take a good picture with my camera without any natural light!  My flash made the blue walls look a little more of a bright blue than they actually are.

I used 2 packs of clip-on curtain rings to hold the curtain to the rod, and it gives the curtains that folded effect at the top, which I love.  And they're long and flowy. 

Again, these are SO EASY.  Absolutely anyone can do this.  In fact, I may even whip some up for the master bedroom.  :)  Next up on my nursery to-do list is the crib skirt.  It's going to be another no-sew project!

EDIT:  Wanted to add a better picture of the wall/curtain color combo.  While the quality is still eh, this picture gives you a better idea of the actual colors.  :)  


  1. I love the curtains! The Blue walls really make the color of the curtains Pop!

  2. Love it! It does look easy, I might have to add this one to my project list!

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