Project: Command Center Organization, Pt. 2


I like calling it a 'command center'.  It makes my little office area sound really important.  So, from the last post, the first thing I did was go through all of our documents and sort what needs to be shredded and then put the rest of the papers in their respective file folders... ta-da..

I love the that the folders are so colorful and pretty.. it makes me happy.

The next day it was time for me to organize some things on top of my desk.  I found a pretty green box I had sitting in my closet to help me keep everything together and looking clean.

In there I keep a binder for all my 'inspiration' findings.  I read a lot of magazines, but hate when they start to pile up around the house.  So after I'm done reading it, I usually clip out what I want to keep and stick them in this tabbed binder under their rightful category... holidays, home decor, recipes, etc.  After I try a recipe in here, I will either write in on a recipe card and stick it in my recipe box if it's good, or toss it.

I also keep a greeting card organizer (the cover was ugly, so I made a new one).  It has each month in it to write down birthdays, anniversaries, etc, and little pockets to store random thank you cards and other greeting cards.  Then I have a small notebook to keep track of  monthly bills, as well as my address book.

And that's about it for this part.  Two days of working on this project and it's coming along quite well!!  It's already making me feel better.  Oh yeah.. I also keep my little grocery list/weekly menu pinned up there for easy access!! :)

How does everyone else organize their office space?  I'd love to know!


  1. the picture selections on the bulletin board!

  2. They make me smile! Hahaha. ;)

  3. oh how I wish I could be so organized and make it look so pretty...aaaaggggghhh...I feel like my mess is beyond organization. Are you for hire?


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