Korean Folk Village Adventure!


This week my Aunt and Uncle "stopped by" to visit us on the Korean peninsula while on their way to Japan.  They were here for a few days, so it was nice to visit and show them around the base and surrounding area.  

Yesterday they really wanted to visit the Korean Folk Village in Suwon, about 30 minutes away.  I had never been, so I thought it would be a good experience for all of us (unfortunately, my husband had to work, so it was just the three of us).  That was more of an adventure than I bargained for.  I drove - and getting there wasn't so bad, but coming home was a whole other story.  Me + GPS = Not Good.  Me + GPS + Korea = Really Not Good.  Add construction into the mix and, well, you can only imagine the outcome.  We got lost for a good HOUR on the way back home - the place isn't even an hour away, mind you!  The fact that I can't read any of the signs, and none of the people at the toll booths spoke English did not help.  I have never been so stressed out in my life.  It was straight to the bubble bath for me when we got home.

The actual Folk Village was good.  It was pretty windy out that day, though.. I'd like to take Coleman back there once it's nice outside. 


The Korean Restaurant we ate at for lunch.
Grated mung bean pancake that I had.
This is what my Uncle had for lunch.  Yeeeeuck.

Oh and this lady at the Folk Village showed me how to do my hair Korean-style... she was very sweet... it was kind of fun!

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