My 'Last Hurrah' in Seoul


Thursday a couple friends and I had an all-day girls trip into Seoul... kind of like my 'last hurrah' before I head move, I guess.  We went to Insadong, which is like an 'artsy district' of Seoul.. with handmade goodies, music, and fun things like that. 

We strolled around, through the crowds of people... I bought a new scarf, and a little handmade coin purse.  But mostly we just browsed and enjoyed looking through all the unique goodies that Insadong had to offer.

On our way out of Insadong, we stopped to listen to some street performers.. the kiddos LOVED that.

I think Clara even liked it too.  ;)

(Do you see those 2 front teeth??  I adore them!)

I'm sure they would've danced around all afternoon if we had let them!

After we grabbed some lunch, we headed to Changdeokgung Palace.  One of the things I love about Korea is their beautiful, old traditional structures.. and so much history.

I'm so glad I was able to spend one last day in Seoul with some great friends.  The fact that we fly out of here in about 72 hours hasn't quite hit me yet.  I've been go-go-go for the past week (so I don't go insane in this small hotel room).. but now I'm a little burnt out.  This weekend I'm going to be doing some serious resting!  :)

A Happy Little Outing


This morning I had a nice little outing with some wonderful friends I've met here in Korea... our first stop was Happy Quilt... fabric heaven here in Korea.  Rolls and rolls of beautiful fabric, on the cheap (compared to stateside).  I had to get one last fix in, and 'stock up'.  I don't quite know what I'm going to do with the fabric, but it's pretty... so most of it is probably going to be used for Clara.  ;)

I just love all the bright, pretty colors.  It makes me happy.. and ready for summer!

See that yellow chevron?  I'm thinking I need some of that to make some pillow covers out of.  It would be so cute on our new couch (well, once we get one) in our new house (.. again, once we have one;)..

And this is what I came home with.  A nice, colorful selection I think.. :)  I can't wait to post the projects I plan on using them for.

So after that we headed to Heavenly Bread...

...and I enjoyed a bread bowl of potato soup and a coffee.

My husband was kind enough to let me go out and have some time for myself, with friends (and I get to do it again this weekend!)... and it was just the boost I needed to get my butt into gear for this move.  The movers come in 3 days and I have SO much to do.

3 Weeks.


My schedule these days is just a little crazy.  Just a little.

And on the days that are 'empty'.. well, those are the days we get to paint Clara's nursery back to plain ol' white (sniff, sniff), sort and pack our suitcases/unaccompanied baggage shipment/household shipment, run last minute errands, ship out last minute Korea gifts to family, etc.

(by the way, I accidentally wrote on my dry erase board with sharpie.. which is why there's a big black blob next to the month:)

Between that and chasing around a 9 month old who is a speed-crawler and trying to stand by herself.. and likes to try to eat everything she sees.. well, I'm tired. 

I'm ready for this day..

3 weeks until 'Peace out, Korea!'

(are you kind of tired of hearing me talk about moving yet?  because I'm kind of tired of hearing myself)

EBT for the last time..


My lack of posts is partially due to my lack of 'drive' lately.  I am so ready to be moved and settled.  The last few weeks before a PCS always seem to take a toll on my patience.  I don't have ambition to do much -- especially not having a car right now, and it being cold outside.  I so just want to be in the kitchen cooking up something yummy and post it here to share with everyone, but I'm trying to make do with what we already have in our cabinets (no more grocery shopping here.. 11 days until they come pack us up).. also, we have been eating out a lot.  We have to hit all of our 'hot spots' (and sneak in a few new places) before we leave.

But trust me, as soon as I'm settled in the good ol' States.. there will be posts of recipes and pretty pictures of food.. lots.  I have so many things 'bookmarked' that I'm excited to try.


A couple weeks ago -- I think.. I can't remember when.. all of my days are running together -- my friend Amber and I headed to Seoul so I could visit the Express Bus Terminal one last time.  :)  I got a few crafty items, then I also bought a little step-stool for my sweet Clara.  Something she can use when she's a bit older.. she can use it to help mommy bake in the kitchen.. or to reach the sink to brush her teeth.. or you know, whatever.

There were so many pretty ones to choose from, but I ended up going with these cute little sheep.  Hand-carved into the wood.. and painted all pretty.  I love it.  You love it, right?  ;)

She likes it.

I ended the trip with a tasty little choco chip muffin for the bus ride back.  (and it sure was a 'lovely day')

So Over Being Sick!


It has been a long couple of weeks in our household.

First, Clara was sick.. my poor baby.  Not keeping a bottle down.. throwing up everywhere.  At least 6 pajama changes for her.. even more pajama changes for me (because I always seem to be the prime 'target').. 1 change of crib sheets.. 1 ER visit.. and 1 doctor visit.

She felt better after a few days.  Thank God, because it's heartbreaking watching her feel so horrible.  Then, my and my husband both get sick.  At the same time.  Only we're 99% sure it was food poisoning (thanks, Korea).  Both of us up all night getting sick.. and then waking up to a happy, on-the-go baby is not my idea of a good time.  We took turns napping/watching Clara.. and a sweet friend of mine took her for a little bit for we could both rest.  It helped a lot.. and thankfully we were better after a couple of days.. though it seemed like FOREVER.

And that's what we've been up to.  Kind of boring, I know.  But our life is about to get way more exciting (stressful.. intense.. fun..).  We have roughly 30 days until we move back to the homeland.  And I've still got a few things left on my to-do list for Korea.  :)

And just because I need to share the cuteness...