Nursery: No-Sew Custom Crib Skirt


So I decided to make our baby girl's crib skirt out of the same material I used for the curtains.  And I think it turned out very nicely!

I followed a tutorial I found at an awesome website called Young House Love.  I won't waste my time writing it out for you -- you can just go check out that tutorial yourself if you're interested.  Actually you should just go check out that website anyways, it's awesome!  And I totally want their living room.  Just sayin'.

The material for the curtains & crib skirt only cost me about $18.  I used 2 rolls of heavy duty hem tape, which cost about $1.50 per roll, and a little bit of velcro.  So all in all, I spent roughly $21.00.  I'm pretty sure I saved us some money!  Wahoo!  Not only that, but I think they look 100x better than anything I could just go out and buy, because I was able to make them exactly how I wanted them (I didn't really want anything with animals all over it, and I didn't see anything else that caught my eye).  I think that deserves an iced white chocolate mocha from Starbucks... right?  I thought so too.

Here are a couple photos.  One is without the flash, and one is with the flash.. because, once again, the lighting in there just awesome.  Not.

The crib sheet is actually a really light pink, if you can't tell from the photos.  It's from Target, and it's so soft... I need to get a few more!  The crib is coming along nicely, I think!  The nursery is definitely starting to look like a nursery.  :)


  1. Some of those tissue paper flowers would look real cute hanging in the corner, next to the window :) It's looking real good!!! Love the colors.

  2. Super cute! I love how it's coming along!


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