our little look-a-like


Before Clara was born, I always thought she would be a spitting image of me.  And if we were to have a boy, I imagine he would look like my husband.  However, I was very very wrong.

Clara is very obviously her father's child.  She has his big blue eyes and light hair.  Her eyes are the most beautiful color blue I've ever seen.  My mom tells me she has my lips, though.  And I think maybe as she gets older I'll see more of myself in her. Though, hopefully, she won't have my stubborn-ness.  ;)

Earlier today we were looking at a photo of me when I was a baby.  And though I had much darker hair than her, I think she kind of does look like me.. just a little. :)

new trick


We've been in Illinois for not quite a week.. and Clara has been sick since we got here.  She did GREAT on the road trip, of course, our little world traveler.  But the day after we got here she started with the runny nose/congestion/cough/fever.. the whole deal.  We took her to the Dr. and she ended up having a bit of an ear infection.  So I'm happy to say that she's at the tail-end of the sickness.  My poor, sweet girl.. as much as I love the cuddle time.. I hate seeing her so sick and restless!  Totally not her normal happy self.

So today, after she got a good nap in, we got some play-time in... since she seemed to have felt a little better this afternoon :)

Also, Clara learned a new 'trick' in the past couple of weeks..
She now knows how to 'wave'!
It's pretty darn cute.. I love that she's learning so many new things.

gettin' ready to hit the road... again!


These last few days here in Arkansas (for now, anyway) have been fun visiting with family and friends.  Clara has been doing really well with meeting so many new people.. she just smiles at everybody.  ;)  I totally thought she would make strange, but nope!


Coleman with his girls!  :)

Him and Erin, our niece, made these cute tie-died shirts together when they had their 'date night'.. Luv them!

Then the other day we went out and took a little ride on the trolley in Memphis, to get Clara out of the house for a bit.  She loves being outside.. and in the 'daddy backpack'.. however, I think it's about time to retire the baby carrier.  She was trying to figure out how to bust out of it!

Today we are just relaxing.. I'm finishing up laundry, and packing up suitcases (again), and loading up the truck.  Tomorrow morning bright and early we will be on the move (again).. to go up north to visit my family!  I can't wait for everyone to see how much Clara has grown!

we made it.


Finally.  We're here, in the states.  We've been back for about a week now and are visiting my in-laws for a couple of weeks before we head up north to visit my parents.

The trip was long.  32+ hours of airports and airplanes... and Clara was nothing short of an angel the whole entire time.  I couldn't have asked for a better behaved baby.  ;)  It really made the trip that much easier.  She was a little cranky the first couple days after we got back, but I expected that.  It was a long trip and I figured it would catch up with her sooner or later.  That, and she's teething.  Bless her heart.. she has 2 more coming in on the top.

And we are all finally over the jet-lag.  Only took a week for Clara to get back on her schedule.

I can't even tell you how GOOD it feels to be in America.  There are no words.  And to see our family and friends.  And see our beautiful niece.. (SO fun to see her and Clara together!)..

And the weather!  Oh, the weather.  It has been absolutely perfect since we flew in.  Coleman has been in heaven, working on his new truck.  And we've been trying to get in as much outside time in as we can.  The other day we went for a little walk down by the riverside in Memphis.

 I hear that a lot of little kids hate the grass when they first feel it.  Not Clara!  She LOVED it.  She was pulling on it, crawling around... just adoring the fresh air and green grass.  And of course, she tried to eat it.

We had a fun time watching her 'discover' grass.. something she's never experienced before.  And she enjoyed watching the puppies walking by... and the barges on the river...

 I want to take her there again this week.. and perhaps next time we'll pack a lunch!