Happy Birthday to My Love!


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Hubby....

The big 2-4!  Which means in one week our first year here in Korea will be done!  Only one more year to go.  :)   For his birthday I bought him a new grill, since we forgot to put our nice, big ol' one on the shipment when we came over here... so it's still at my parents house back in the states.. oops!  I surprised him with it a day early because he has to work a crazy, nonsense schedule this week.  He was pretty excited about it, so we went right to the store and bought some things to make turkey burgers and fruit skewers.  It was so yummy.  :)  Our first grilled meal of the year!

And toasted buns!  I love my buns toasted..

I swear there isn't anything better than grilled pineapple.  I get all giddy and excited when I know that we are  grilling pineapple.  And we have another whole fresh pineapple sitting on the counter... there may be more in our future!

My husband seems to be a pretty satisfied birthday boy.  He's sitting on the couch right now with a cup of coffee enjoying his new duck hunting DVD... and I can honestly say that I don't mind watching these DVDs either.  As weird as that sounds.

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  1. Looks great!! and those coals look smokin' hot :) We're takin good care of your 'big grill' Coleman. Happy Birthday. Ma & Pa Schilt


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