Seoul, I'Park Mall, and 3D Movies


On Saturday my husband and I spent the whole day in Seoul with some great friends.  It was a much needed day to just get away from the base and see some new things here in Korea.  We took the subway to the I'Park Mall, which was just huge!  I definitely need to go back there at least a few times to check out the whole place.  They also have a 3D and 4D IMAX movie theater in the mall, so we went to see the movie Tron in 3D.  By the way.. it really helps to have a friend who speaks Korean come along.  Very thankful for that!  ;)

I'Park Mall
The lobby inside the IMAX theater.
Sweet glasses, ha ha!
After the movie, we went to Apujeong and ate at the most amazing American-style breakfast restaurant I have ever been to (well.. I don't know, I really like Cracker Barrel:).  But seriously, it was SO good.  Good thing it's an hour away, otherwise my husband and I would definitely have a problem!

I was so full after that I barely wanted to move.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  After a long day of subways, taxi's, food, movies, and good friends.. we headed back home to Songtan.  I slept like a baby that night.  :)

Also, keep an eye out:  There will be new crafts posted on here and new recipes on my other blog within the next few days!


  1. LOVE your new blog look ;) and butterfingers is OH SO GOOD!

  2. Thanks, Karen! I could never find something I liked.. so I just made a layout myself. ;) And we just discovered Butterfingers... ah-maz-ing.. I just wish it was closer!!


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