Happy New Year ( & 15 weeks!)


Hope everyone had a great (and safe) New Years Eve!  My husband and I took a little trip up to Seoul for the day, which happened to be one of the coldest days of winter so far.  Plus it was windy, which always makes the cold 10x worse.  Thankfully the seats on the subway were heated.  :)  I am also proud to say that we have mastered the Seoul Metro system fairly well!  We went to Itaewon, then headed to Yongsan Army Post because we wanted to check out their PX and see what kind of baby things they had.. you know, cribs & strollers & such.  I ended up being highly disappointed because they had absolutely nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Even our base has those types of things, I couldn't believe they didn't have anything.  Unless it's a separate building somewhere that I don't know about.  So if someone happens to know where they keep all the baby loot on Yongsan, please let me know!

After our unsuccessful visit to the Army Post, we headed back home and met up with some friends at Chili's.  Then we all headed over to another friends house for the NYE festivities... and they made us breakfast at midnight!  Pancakes, biscuits, fruit, bacons, eggs, sausage.. the whole deal and it was amazing.  :)  We had a great time and my husband and I are so very thankful for the friends we've made here at Osan.

Walking outside of Yongsan in Seoul.  The snow is so pretty!
Hanging out at a friends house for NYE!
January 1st also began my 15th week of pregnancy!  The past couple weeks have flown by, and now just one more week until my 16 week check up.  I can't wait to know how our baby has been growing, and hopefully hear the heartbeat again.

I've began to notice my tummy getting harder, and my morning sickness is completely gone.  Food aversions are minimal right now.  The only thing that really doesn't sound the greatest anymore is anything containing ground beef, although I can eat it without getting nauseous.  I haven't had much heartburn at all lately, and it's definitely getting less and less comfortable for me to wear my jeans.  We went out to see Little Fockers at the base theater with some friends tonight, and I devoured a big bag of buttery popcorn.  And now my wonderful husband is out in the horribly cold weather getting me some pizza for dinner (hey, I'm allowed to indulge every now and again.. I also need to go grocery shopping, hehe) - he's so wonderful to me!

15 week belly picture!

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