DIY Pretty Dry Erase Board


I have seen this idea on quite a few different websites (here, here, here, and here).  It's fairly inexpensive and it can also double as wall art when you're not using it as a dry erase board.  Bonus!  This took me all of about 10 minutes to do.

1.  Glass picture frame.  You can find one at a thrift store for next to nothing, or find something you really like at the store.  I bought mine for $2.50 at the BX here on base.  If you don't like the color of the frame, always remember you can spray paint it and fix it up.  :)
2.  Fabric of your choice.  This is the fun part... so many options.  Be sure to wash, dry, and iron your fabric before you use it.  You don't want a wrinkled dry erase board!
3.  Duct tape.  Or any heavy duty tape.
4.  Dry erase markers.  I've found black to be the best choice of color.

1. Remove the backing from the frame.  
2. Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than your frame, leave about an inch or so all the way around.
3. Place cut fabric over frame backing and then flip over.  
4. Fold over excess fabric and use the heavy duty tape to attach the fabric to your backing. 
5. Place the now fabric-covered frame backing into the frame... done!  You can now write all over your beautiful, new dry erase board.  The markers wipe off of the glass easier than on store bought dry erase boards, imo.

As of right now, our bedroom is greens, teals, & browns.  So I chose this beautiful green fabric.  I have a few more DIY projects for our bedroom that I'd like to do..
You can use it as a to-do list.

Leave a message on it for your hunny.. :)
Hang it on the wall and write your favorite Bible verse, quote, or saying..

If you decide to make one, leave a link in the comments to a picture of it.  I love to see how other people's turns out too.  :)

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