17 Weeks... Already?


It seriously feels like just yesterday when I was calling to schedule my first doctor appointment.  I mean, I have a long way to go yet... but it seems like it's going by so fast!  These next few weeks will drag, I'm sure... because in 3 weeks we have the anatomy scan and will be finding out the gender of our little babe!  I thought I had a hunch that we were having a girl for a while, but at our last appointment the doctor listened to the heartbeat and it was 153bpm and she said her guess is that we're having a boy.  Now I don't know what to think!  She threw me off.. I guess I'll just stick with girl.  I will be ecstatic either way, I just want our baby to be healthy and happy.  :)

We made our first baby purchase the other day!  It definitely is making things seems more real (as if my rapidly growing belly isn't).  I'm counting down... 2 weeks and 3 days.. until we find out the gender of our little babe.  I can't wait to start decorating the nursery - I have a lot of neat ideas for it! 

I'm 99.9% sure I've felt some baby flutters, which brings a smile to my face every time.  :)  I'm sure within a few weeks they'll start to be more constant and more noticeable.  Also, I'm always hungry.  Always.  At my last doctor appointment I gained 6 pounds so far... well, I lost 5 pounds at first.. so I'm actually right around my 'normal' weight, just with a bigger belly.  ;)

17 week picture!  I can definitely tell the difference since last week!  Don't mind my awesome pajamas.. :)


  1. ok you look so cute, I'm so glad to here that you are hungry. I have said all along that you are going to have my first grandson, with Jessica I always called the baby she and with you, when telling anyone about how you and Coleman and the baby are doing I have always refered to the baby as "He" so grand son here we come. AT any rate as long as he/she is healthy that is all that matters. Love ya much. Momma Pat.

  2. Coleman thinks the baby is going to be a boy.. and so does my doctor... not long before we find out! Gotta have that boy to carry on the name! ;)


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