Six Years & Counting..


Six years ago I married the love of my life.  Six!  I can hardly believe it.  I feel like just yesterday I was 20 years old and making the "big move" out of my hometown in Illinois down to Virginia to be with him.  And now here we are.. two kids, two states, and a foreign country later.. so many adventures we've had.. and so many to come.

June 1st was our anniversary, but since my husband was out of town on a trip for work we didn't celebrate until this past weekend.  Clara spent some time at her Nana & PawPaw's house and little man came with us since he's a breastfeeding machine.  He slept the whole time anyway.. except for when I fed him.. and he poo'd on me.  Yes, yes he poo'd on the front of my shirt while I was feeding him.... 

Anyway, what better way to celebrate than with food and some shopping?  We ate at BJ's Brewhouse, one of our favorite places.  We eat there any chance we can, haha.

My husband loves it for the ribs, pizza, and of course the beer.  Me?  Give me alllllll the pizookie's.  The pizookie is the only reason I even eat dinner.  I mean, seriously.  I need to learn how to make these at home.  Particularly the cookies & cream one.  Or maybe I don't.. that would be bad.

It was a wonderful, quiet, delicious dinner.  I pretty much had to roll myself out of the restaurant.  But there's no one else I'd rather stuff my face with.. six years, and many many more to come... :)

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