Two Months


How did this even happen?

I have a feeling I'll be asking this question every month/year for the rest of my life.  My boy is two months!  (and my girl is almost FOUR.. that's a whole other topic for a different day)  I love seeing the change in him every month..

He weighs in at 13 lbs and is quickly outgrowing outfits.. he's chunkin' up nicely.  He loves to smile and is so close to giggling.  His new favorite thing is putting his fists in his mouth and he is still a champ at breastfeeding.  He still doesn't like to sleep more than 3 hours at night, but when he wakes at least he's only up for a few minutes.  Clara was more of the night time party animal at his age.

I love how his eyes light up when I talk to him and he watches me when I'm walking past him - I love being his favorite person.  ;)  I had my first night away from him (just 5 hours) last week, so I could get in some much needed girl time.  I don't think he gave daddy too much trouble - he's pretty good about taking a bottle too.  

He had his two month shots the other day - and they were sad, as they always are.   But my sweet boy calmed down pretty quick.

Oh how I love being the mama to a girl AND a boy!  I'm in Mommy heaven.

Month three will be here before I know it.

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