A Daddy's Girl


Just the other day I was in our sweet Clara's bedroom, sorting through her closet.. once again.. bagging up and storing away clothes that don't fit her any more (sniff sniff)... and making room for the new.  My hubby and Clara came in to keep me company while I was organizing.. next thing I know.. I turn around... and..

Such a sweet sight to see.  This right here.. is what makes my heart happy.

She loves her Dada... and most certainly is a 'Daddy's Girl' already.  :)


  1. Got a little teary eyed there....the close up looks like that could be you sleeping there when you were that age...sweet memories :)

  2. OMG so so sweet! What a precious picture that I am sure you will treasure forever! :) I cannot wait for moments like this once my baby girl arrives!


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