A Very Merry Christmas


We had a wonderful Christmas.  I hope you all did too.

It was quiet, relaxing, joyful... a wonderful 'first' for our baby girl.  She woke up at 6:30am -- which is normal.. she gets a 'baba' then usually goes back to bed -- except when I tried to put her back to bed, she refused.  I think she knew something was up.  She wanted to open some presents.  ;)  We skyped with my parents and opened presents with them over Skype.

Lots of ham, mashed potatoes, chocolate pie, and apple pie cookies.  Lots of smiles, tickles, cuddles, and VeggieTales.  It was a fabulous Christmas.  But I'm just happy that next year, we will be with our families for this holiday.

I'm ready for a new year.. how about you?

A few photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas..

 And one of my favorite things about Christmastime.. the 'glow' of the tree...


  1. Beautiful pics! It looks like Clara had a great FIRST Christmas!


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