Clara's 'First Snow'


I've prayed and hoped and hoped and prayed.. that we would have a WHITE Christmas.. and guess what?  We do!  I was so excited to take Clara out in her 'first snow' this morning.  I don't think she cared much for it.  But I also think she was half asleep when I took her out (I took the poor girl out almost as soon as she woke up).  We'll try again tomorrow.  ;)

We weren't out there long.. but the fresh air and bright sun must have wore our little princess out..

We've had a wonderful Christmas Eve.  The little munchkin is about to be put to bed and then it's mommy & daddy time with movies and hot chocolate.  Very excited about Clara's first Christmas tomorrow... celebrating our Savior's birth!

Merry Christmas to all!


  1. The snow has been a miss for Wilson too. I think he's just too young to really get how much fun snow can be! But I love Clara's little outfits! Also the picture of you two is adorable!!

  2. she's such a sweet little sleeper :)


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