I'm not in the USA anymore.


And I think I just realized it yesterday.

Coleman and I decided to take a trip out into the city the other day.. a little change of scenery, to see what else we could get into around here. We went to E-mart, which I suppose would be the equivalent to a Wal-Mart in the states. It was fun to look around and I can't wait to go back because they had some really neat things there. While we were there I had to pick up a hair dryer because the one I brought with me about fried our power converter. Not only that, but it sucks having to drag that converter box from room to room whenever I need to plug something in.

After that, we were pretty hungry so we were going to get a bite to eat at the food court in E-mart. We got in there and realized.. well crap, we can't read anything on the menu. And there were no pictures, so it's not like we could just point to something that looked good. That really sucked. And that's when I realized that I'm definitely in a different country. It's weird being the outsider, being the minority. Looks like it's time to teach myself a little bit of Korean, otherwise it's going to be a long 2 years! So we went downtown and ate at Happy Teriyaki.. which seems to be a favorite around here. And now I have a new favorite appetizer/snack.. yaki gyoza. YUM.

This weekend we also went to this neat little restaurant/coffee/pastry place called the Heavenly Bread Company and it's only like a 5 minute walk from our home.. awesome!  Coleman has a strawberry mango smoothie and I had a white chocolate mocha.. and we split this chocolate mousse cake thing.. I'm not really sure what it was, but it was delicious!  I can't wait to go back- they had all kinds of yummy looking pastries and breads, and their coffee was good too!

 One thing I wish I would have done before coming here is shopped for more summer clothes.. it is dang HOT here.  Now, I have a lot of clothes (or at least my parents think so.. haha), but not nearly enough tank tops for living here, imo.  Maybe it just feels 10x hotter because I walk everywhere?  Maybe.

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  1. just finished reading Water for Elephants, it was good :)


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