My last weekend in the midwest.. 5 more days!


So this weekend was my last weekend here in Illinois.. and Iowa.. or you know, the midwest. It was a pretty relaxed weekend. I think I was most excited about eating some Fincels sweet corn! My dad picked some up when we went to the farmers market Saturday morning and we had it today for lunch with some BLTs. I haven't had any in a couple years and let me tell you, there is nothing like Iowa sweet corn! So that yummy goodness was followed by a nice 3 hour nap (of course) because Sunday afternoons are the best for naps.

Aren't they beautiful?

In 5 days I will be headed to the airport on my journey to Korea... and after 5 different airports and too many hours on airplanes, I will be there with my husband.  FINALLY.  I can't wait to see him waiting for me when I get off the airplane.  :)  He has been working so hard the past few weeks to try to get everything straightened out so I can get there.  And especially this week, he's working 12 hours shifts and trying to move into our new apartment.  I'm so thankful.. I really do have the greatest hubby ever.  Thank you for everything you're doing, babe!  I promise to spoil you when I get there!

Goodness, 5 days still seems so far away but so short of a time to get the things done for our vow renewal that I'd like to get done before I go.  The taste test for our wedding cake is this Wednesday - I'm going to taste champagne flavored yellow cake, white cake with raspberry filling, and marble cake with fudge filling.. all with buttercream frosting.  I can't wait!  Mostly because I just want to eat cake (who wouldn't?).  Our cake is going to have 4 tiers, and the top one I'm pretty sure will be red velvet.  We'll see about the other 3 after the tasting.  I may have to do each tier a different flavor if I can't decide, haha..  This week I need to get some things for the wedding cake, look around for decor, make hair and makeup appointments, and figure out the music for the ceremony... among other things.  Many other things.

Ok, time to go rest up.. I have a long week ahead!

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