Finally made it to Korea!


I'm trying to do laundry right now.  We have an insane amount to do, and I have no idea how to work the wash/dry machine.  The landlord came over to show us how to work it (because it's all in Korean.. all of our appliances are), and I just put in a load of towels... sooo.. we'll see how this turns out.  I don't even know if I put the detergent in the right spot, haha.

All the flights to get here were good.  They were all smooth and trouble free.  I slept for about 7 hours on the flight to Japan, so that helped to speed up the flight.  We stopped at Misawa AB in Japan for about an hour and half, and then headed to Osan AB, which was a 2 hour flight.  I was so impatient when we landed!  Of course they let all the "important" people off the plane first.  I saw Coleman in the follow me truck outside while I was sitting on the plane - oh yeah, did I say I was getting impatient??  I just wanted to get off the plane to go see him, but everything felt like it took forever.. getting off the plane, going through customs and immigration.. bla bla.. but I finally got through it all, got my bags, and walked out to see him standing there waiting for me with some beautiful flowers!  The best feeling in the world.  :)  He was able to get off work early that night, so we went out to dinner at a place called Happy Teriyaki... they had some amazing egg rolls!  Jet lag caught up to me at about 3:30 in the afternoon, so I had to force myself to stay awake in hopes of getting on a somewhat normal sleep schedule right away.  I was able to stay awake until 9pm.. and then woke up at 5:30am.. earliest I've woken up in a LONG time, haha!  But we got a lot accomplished today!

Now Coleman is at work, so I'm working on cleaning the apartment.  Maybe later I'll take a little walk in the city, or on base.. I really need to go to the BX and Commissary.  But I don't know if I'm that brave yet.  We'll see.  :)  First I have to conquer that washer/dryer..  Maybe if I get this apartment cleaned up today I'll be able to do a video tour of the apartment.. I know our families would appreciate that.

I really missed the jet noise.  Although it seems like it's 10x louder here than it was in Virginia.. but that's okay.. sometimes I still run outside to see if I can catch a glimpse of them lol.

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