Stuck at SeaTac


I have been in Seattle for 6 1/2 hours now, and I still have 4 more hours until my plane boards for Japan.  That is much too long to be in an airport, I must say.  I would really love it if they would just board the plane so I can go to sleep.  I can't sleep in this airport.  It's freezing.  Of course the plane probably won't be any better, but I just wanted to whine about it.

When I checked in at the counter for my flight here in Seattle, they made me stand on the scale so they could see how much I weighed.. LOL.  I've never had to do that before - it was kind of funny to see everybody standing on the scales.  Everything has gone smooth so far, thankfully!  I'm so excited to get to my husband.  I  keep playing it over and over in my head how it's going to be when I see him.  I just hope I sleep for the majority of the plane ride so when I get there in the afternoon I'm not sluggish.  I even bought myself a little neck pillow, so I'm really excited to use that.  Someone let me borrow their neck pillow on the flight from Chicago to Seattle but it was this cheapo inflatable one that you blow up by mouth and it was half deflated.  It SUCKED.  Mine is nice and plush and I paid more for it than I should have but I can't help that the airports like to jack up their prices!  It's worth it with all our traveling.  I'm pretty much an airport pro now.

Ok, I have to go splash some cold water on my face before I pass out on my keyboard.

PS-  Note to self... next time bring a sweater.  It's cold.  :(

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