Week 3: Meeting Nana & Papa


I love it when my parents come visit.  We only get to see them a 2-3 times a year, so I really cherish the time.  They were here all last week.. and I was so anxious for them to get here and be able to snuggle little Sam.  And of course Clara was more than excited to see her Nana & Papa.  She soaks up all the play time she can get with them.

We did a lot of just hanging out, went to the park and out to eat a couple of times.  The majority of the time they were here, it was so beautiful outside.. so we spent quite a bit of time enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.  Clara threw around some water balloons and teased the dog with her water gun.. Sam.. well, when he wasn't crying, eating, or poo'ing.. he was snoozing the day away.  ;)

My parents didn't get to meet Clara in person until she was almost 3 months old, so I loved that they were able to be here to enjoy Sam's newborn sweetness.  At the start of week 3, Sam left behind his newborn diapers and clothes.  My sweet boy is already growing so fast.  He is still eating every couple of hours.  The longest he has gone between feedings is 3.5 hours.  I really hope that changes soon, ha!  And I'm happy to say that he's a breastfeeding champ, with no signs of a milk protein allergy (yet - fingers crossed), like his big sis had.  His cheeks are getting chubbier, and he's getting so long - and my favorite part.. he's SO close to a first real smile.  So so close.. I'm anxiously awaiting the day he smiles at me.  I remember when Clara first did, and it just melts me!

And as for me, I've got about 10 lbs to go until I'm where I was before Sam.  But I'm in no rush. 

We all went out for breakfast at a local diner before they left last Saturday and after we were done eating, we said our see ya later's and went our separate ways.  When we pulled back into our drive way, Clara realized Nana & Papa weren't behind us and had a little 5 minute breakdown.  I have to admit, it hurt my heart a little bit.  The whole being away from family part of military life never gets easier for me, especially being so close with them - but I am so thankful for technology.. FaceTime, Skype.. that I can see their faces at any time.  

And thankfully, after a couple minutes, Clara was distracted by a bird in a tree or something.. made me giggle a little.  She's always going from one extreme emotion to the next.. but I guess that's what us girls do.  ;)

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