Just Born for Baby {review}


Clara was my difficult baby for the first month or so of her life.  And she hated to be swaddled.  She hated being contained.  After I figured that out, I never tried very hard to swaddle her again - honestly, I wasn't very good at it to begin with.

As a second-time mama.. I prayed and hoped my child would enjoy being swaddled.  Having a toddler who no longer naps.. and a newborn who I desperately need to take good naps.. I would try just about anything for him to take a nice long snooze.  I got smart and looked into the Deluxe Swaddle by Just Born, already knowing I wasn't the greatest at swaddling.   I still have a hard time getting a good enough swaddle with a regular muslin blanket, he always seems to houdini his way out.  This particular swaddle blanket is perfect for those mama's who aren't the greatest at swaddling - there's no shame in that.. we can't all be good at everything!  But Sam instantly stops crying when I wrap him up in this.  It's practically houdini-proof.  ;)

Just Born Deluxe Swaddle

Just Born Deluxe Swaddle

A few things I love about the Deluxe Swaddle?

It's easy to use!!  It comes with instructions on both arms-in-swaddling and arms-out-swaddling, and though it may look a little intimidating.. I promise you it's not.  It comes with cradle support for the baby's head and neck, provides tummy support, and allows for healthy hip movement while swaddled.  It's a good feeling to know that my baby boy is not only comfortable while he's wrapped up in the Deluxe Swaddle.. but he's also safe.

The thing is kind of like magic.  He really does stop fussing once I put him in it.. it gives me at least a few minutes of peace and quiet.  ;)  And I mean really.. look how cute he is in it...

Just Born Deluxe Swaddle

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