A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart {VeggieTales}


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We are huge fans of VeggieTales in this house.  Clara's movie collection is pretty impressive, and at one point she was so obsessed that her Sweetpea Beauty went with her everywhere.  We were at Walmart the other week, and spotted some of their new plush toys - we just had to grab up Bob & Larry!  Clara likes that Bob has blue eyes like she does.  ;)

The things about VeggieTales that I love, is the messages behind the stories.  Not only is it a cute cartoon.. and let's face it.. you will be singing those songs when you're trying to fall asleep at night.. but every movie has a specific lesson/message.  I've even used some of the phrases from the movies to help teach Clara in our every day life.. because it's something familiar to her and she can relate to.

The phrase I've been using lately is "a thankful heart is a happy heart".. which is from the Madame Blueberry movie (a lesson in.. can you guess... thankfulness).  She's at the point where she wants everything, and thinks it's the end of the world if she doesn't get what she wants.  Teaching toddler these little life lessons isn't easy, but it sure does help when you can use something they like and relate to as a learning tool.

Even little man is starting to love the VeggieTales ;)
Do you watch VeggieTales in your house?  If so, what are you favorite movies?  Does your kiddo have a favorite character?  You can visit VeggieTales here:  Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.  Send them some love and tell them how awesome they are!

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