So Over Being Sick!


It has been a long couple of weeks in our household.

First, Clara was sick.. my poor baby.  Not keeping a bottle down.. throwing up everywhere.  At least 6 pajama changes for her.. even more pajama changes for me (because I always seem to be the prime 'target').. 1 change of crib sheets.. 1 ER visit.. and 1 doctor visit.

She felt better after a few days.  Thank God, because it's heartbreaking watching her feel so horrible.  Then, my and my husband both get sick.  At the same time.  Only we're 99% sure it was food poisoning (thanks, Korea).  Both of us up all night getting sick.. and then waking up to a happy, on-the-go baby is not my idea of a good time.  We took turns napping/watching Clara.. and a sweet friend of mine took her for a little bit for we could both rest.  It helped a lot.. and thankfully we were better after a couple of days.. though it seemed like FOREVER.

And that's what we've been up to.  Kind of boring, I know.  But our life is about to get way more exciting (stressful.. intense.. fun..).  We have roughly 30 days until we move back to the homeland.  And I've still got a few things left on my to-do list for Korea.  :)

And just because I need to share the cuteness...

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  1. Oh no! Sickness is awful, especially when it hits the entire family. Glad you all are feeling better!


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