3 Weeks.


My schedule these days is just a little crazy.  Just a little.

And on the days that are 'empty'.. well, those are the days we get to paint Clara's nursery back to plain ol' white (sniff, sniff), sort and pack our suitcases/unaccompanied baggage shipment/household shipment, run last minute errands, ship out last minute Korea gifts to family, etc.

(by the way, I accidentally wrote on my dry erase board with sharpie.. which is why there's a big black blob next to the month:)

Between that and chasing around a 9 month old who is a speed-crawler and trying to stand by herself.. and likes to try to eat everything she sees.. well, I'm tired. 

I'm ready for this day..

3 weeks until 'Peace out, Korea!'

(are you kind of tired of hearing me talk about moving yet?  because I'm kind of tired of hearing myself)


  1. I have to say I'm a little jealous that you get to go back stateside soon. We're currently stationed on Guam and will be here until 2014. By the time we PCS, we will have been here for 4 years.

  2. Nope, I love to hear about all of your adventures...especially the excitement of coming back home. Love your blog and your little family. Thank you for always sharing it with us and all your fun recipes too! I wish you guys a good move back here to the States!!

  3. I can't believe this day has come so soon! It seems like just 2 months ago you were heading out there to be with Coleman!

  4. I found that if you take an expo dry erase marker and completely draw over a spot with sharpie, let it sit for a minute and then wipe it off, it'll take the sharpie right off! ;) This worked on my dry erase boards when I was teaching...but you have to get the expo brand markers. Hope you guys have an easy pcs!


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