journaling for my princess.


I've always loved writing.  Even in school (unless it was a cite-your-sources type paper.. then, no thanks).  Sometimes I feel like there's a lot going on in my head, it gets overwhelming.  Writing things out is a good way for me to relieve some of that. 

I have mounds of notebooks laying around.  Lots of them with scribbles.  Things to remember.  Various to-do lists.  Wish lists.  Anything, really.  I feel like I'm going to forget something unless I write it down.  The other day I went out and bought a couple 'special' journals.  I really wish I would have started this when I found out I was expecting.  But I didn't.  Oh well.  I'm starting it now, though.  These journals are for Clara.  Every day I'm going to write something in it.  Whether it's just a couple of words or a whole paragraph.  A prayer.  A thought.  Something funny she did that day.  Something new she learned.  And then when she's older... when she turns 18, or when she moves out.. or whenever (I haven't decide that yet.. I think I have time to figure that out)... I will gift it to her.

I just really like this idea.  And I'm really happy I'm doing it.

I found these journals at a local store here in Korea and thought they were really sweet.  I bought 2 of them.. but I may have to go back for some of the other designs as well.  I must say, though, the Thumbelina one is my favorite.  :)


  1. So sweet! I have a "memory" book for both babies and have filled them out at various times but I never thought to do an actual journal.

    When I came back from visiting my family in Korea I came home with tons of little notebooks! I swear I could spend tons on all those cute little things over there!

  2. Really cute journals!! I too write in a book for my daughter...not every day though - in fact, its been awhile since I've written in it! I love the idea and how special it will be when they are older and can read what we wrote to them. :)

  3. I love this idea and thought about doing it for Joshua until I realized that when he is 18 he will most likely NOT want to read a notebook from his mother. LOL And even if I waited until he became a father there is a very slim chance he would actually read through all of it. I guess I need to wait and have a little girl before I can tackle this one... ;)


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