My 'Last Hurrah' in Seoul


Thursday a couple friends and I had an all-day girls trip into Seoul... kind of like my 'last hurrah' before I head move, I guess.  We went to Insadong, which is like an 'artsy district' of Seoul.. with handmade goodies, music, and fun things like that. 

We strolled around, through the crowds of people... I bought a new scarf, and a little handmade coin purse.  But mostly we just browsed and enjoyed looking through all the unique goodies that Insadong had to offer.

On our way out of Insadong, we stopped to listen to some street performers.. the kiddos LOVED that.

I think Clara even liked it too.  ;)

(Do you see those 2 front teeth??  I adore them!)

I'm sure they would've danced around all afternoon if we had let them!

After we grabbed some lunch, we headed to Changdeokgung Palace.  One of the things I love about Korea is their beautiful, old traditional structures.. and so much history.

I'm so glad I was able to spend one last day in Seoul with some great friends.  The fact that we fly out of here in about 72 hours hasn't quite hit me yet.  I've been go-go-go for the past week (so I don't go insane in this small hotel room).. but now I'm a little burnt out.  This weekend I'm going to be doing some serious resting!  :)


  1. hehe... your little friend has glasses! I love seeing little kids in glasses. little lailah just got a new pair.

  2. It looks like you had a good time...I love the little girls, so cute!

  3. I've finally been able to get caught up on your blog posts! I've had my hands full with Baby Mabel! It looks like you all had a great last day in Seoul. I'm hoping that eventually we'll get to pcs somewhere in Asia...I think Japan would be fun too! Anyway, forgive me if you already said, but where are you guys pcsing too? We're in Delaware and it's pretty boring compared to Colorado where we were last.

  4. We are heading to Little Rock, AR! Not our first choice, but it's close to family, so it will be good. I would LOVE to live in Colorado. It's one of my favorite states. :)


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