A Happy Little Outing


This morning I had a nice little outing with some wonderful friends I've met here in Korea... our first stop was Happy Quilt... fabric heaven here in Korea.  Rolls and rolls of beautiful fabric, on the cheap (compared to stateside).  I had to get one last fix in, and 'stock up'.  I don't quite know what I'm going to do with the fabric, but it's pretty... so most of it is probably going to be used for Clara.  ;)

I just love all the bright, pretty colors.  It makes me happy.. and ready for summer!

See that yellow chevron?  I'm thinking I need some of that to make some pillow covers out of.  It would be so cute on our new couch (well, once we get one) in our new house (.. again, once we have one;)..

And this is what I came home with.  A nice, colorful selection I think.. :)  I can't wait to post the projects I plan on using them for.

So after that we headed to Heavenly Bread...

...and I enjoyed a bread bowl of potato soup and a coffee.

My husband was kind enough to let me go out and have some time for myself, with friends (and I get to do it again this weekend!)... and it was just the boost I needed to get my butt into gear for this move.  The movers come in 3 days and I have SO much to do.


  1. So that is Happy Quilt!!! Wow! It's so bright and cheerful looking, not like I pictured in my noggin (some dark old building). It would make me happy to go there too. Glad you had a nice time.

  2. oh and Heavenly Bread could be your middle name lol
    love you lots <3 Mom

  3. love that yellow chevron!


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