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My lack of posts is partially due to my lack of 'drive' lately.  I am so ready to be moved and settled.  The last few weeks before a PCS always seem to take a toll on my patience.  I don't have ambition to do much -- especially not having a car right now, and it being cold outside.  I so just want to be in the kitchen cooking up something yummy and post it here to share with everyone, but I'm trying to make do with what we already have in our cabinets (no more grocery shopping here.. 11 days until they come pack us up).. also, we have been eating out a lot.  We have to hit all of our 'hot spots' (and sneak in a few new places) before we leave.

But trust me, as soon as I'm settled in the good ol' States.. there will be posts of recipes and pretty pictures of food.. lots.  I have so many things 'bookmarked' that I'm excited to try.


A couple weeks ago -- I think.. I can't remember when.. all of my days are running together -- my friend Amber and I headed to Seoul so I could visit the Express Bus Terminal one last time.  :)  I got a few crafty items, then I also bought a little step-stool for my sweet Clara.  Something she can use when she's a bit older.. she can use it to help mommy bake in the kitchen.. or to reach the sink to brush her teeth.. or you know, whatever.

There were so many pretty ones to choose from, but I ended up going with these cute little sheep.  Hand-carved into the wood.. and painted all pretty.  I love it.  You love it, right?  ;)

She likes it.

I ended the trip with a tasty little choco chip muffin for the bus ride back.  (and it sure was a 'lovely day')

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  1. Nice blog. You may have seen this quote about the little things.. but just in case. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/quotation.html


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