My Little Helper


More like my little distraction.  ;)  Clara and I leave for the states on Friday to visit family for a month.  With Coleman working 12 hour shifts, and Clara being her fiesty little self.. packing and getting the things I want to get done before leaving has been a challenge.  So when she's being happy and cooperative, I have to work quickly -- and I'm getting better at it.  Although I did have time to do stuff while she took a 3 hour nap this morning... buuut, I decided to nap as well.  ;)  Hey, I'm going to need that energy for all the airplane rides and trekking through airports!

I am also trying to 'pack light'... which is proving to be difficult (I always over-pack).  Clara and I are sharing a suitcase.. and then my carry-on is mostly for Clara...... bottles, change of clothes, blankie, diapers, etc, etc.  This is going to be a LONG 14 hour flight.  Lord, help me.

I am SUPER SUPER SUPER excited to see my family and show off our little princess (oh, and um, be in AMERICA)... but..

I'm already missing my husband and I'm not even gone yet.  I don't like traveling without him.  :(  But he's been working so hard lately.. so I hope he gets the rest he needs while we're away.  I love you, honey.  :)

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