We Survived!


14 hours on a plane.  Way too long.  But we made it.  :)  Seoul to Detroit, 14 hours.  Layover, 2.5 hours.  Detroit to Moline, 1 hour.  Car ride, 1 hour.  That make an 18.5 hour trip... and our little princess was such a trooper!  She did so well -- even the flight attendants were complimenting on 'what a good baby' she is.  :)  That makes me proud!  Although now she is a little jet-lagged... okay, a lot jet-lagged. 

It's so good to be back to see everyone, I just wish my husband could have came with.  I finally got to meet my nephew, and see how grown up my niece is since the last time I saw her.  And it was nice to see everyone loving on Clara.. even though she slept almost the whole day.  Poor thing has her days and nights confused now.  ;)

Clara's pretty happy to see her Nana and Papa..

 It's been fun and busy Labor Day weekend.. just hung around the house and visited with family.  :)  And it's going to be a busy rest of the month because there's lots I want to do..... eat at AMERICAN restaurants (there's nothing better than Texas Roadhouse.. and American Chinese food;), go shopping... Hobby Lobby, Mall, Target, Kohls, Michaels, Jo-Anns, even WalMart.... watch my little brother play football, and show off Clara as much as possible.  ;)

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