Days Like Today


My hubby got off work early today (woohoo!), so he was able to go on a walk with Clara and I.  It was overcast out, but thank goodness it never rained... there was a cool breeze, too... a nice change from the sticky hot weather!  Clara slept the whole time, of course.  She loves going for walks.  :) 

I love watching her sleep.. her little lips and hands are so darn cute.

We walked around downtown for a while.. there's good 'people-watching' down there.  Then we ventured out towards where we used to live.  Haven't been that way in a while, so it was nice to reminisce.  ;)  And the numerous little alley-ways and houses upon houses never cease to amaze me.

Chili peppers.. they are everywhere around here.  It seems like they grow them on every street corner.  And for some reason, they just make me happy when I see them.

And of course, my husband will use his pocket knife every chance he gets... in this case, he was dissecting some random green thing that was growing from a tree.  I still don't know what it was.

And tonight... grilled chicken wings, brown sugar baked beans, and fruit salsa.. then snuggle time and movies (we bought some new ones today:)

I love days like today!

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