Laundry Day... Is Every Day



There is so much of it.  Every.  Day.  Most of it being my clothes, because every time Clara spits up she seems to magically miss the burp rag and herself.. and only get it on me.

I need to start wearing a bib when I burp her.  I also need to invest in some super powerful stain remover... my little ol' bottle of Spray n' Wash just isn't doing the job anymore.

Poor girl.  She hates it just as much as I do.

Ahh... all better:)


  1. I remember the feeling! My tip is if you got a lot of those receiving blankets that are too small for swaddling use that as your burp cloth! I got tons of those receiving blankets for my baby shower and they worked great as a small cover up but also for burp cloth!

  2. Laundry is my least favorite thing to do and I can imagine with a baby that just doubles all the work! Your little girl is just darling though!


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