Little Lessons #1


 Linked up to Celebrate Life.... just the little things I've learned this week!

Never EVER take baby girl out of the house without a pacifier... or an umbrella (especially in Korea!).

I love my house to be clean.  I used to be obsessed about it.  But I've realized there are more important things, like hanging out with my baby girl and wonderful husband.

I've accepted the fact that with a 2 month old, we're always going to be running a little late.

Always take advantage of the time when baby girl sleeps.. whether it be to take nap with her, have some quiet 'mommy time'.. or to actually eat some breakfast for once.

Don't sweat the small stuff.. none of it matters anyway.

My pretty little girl hates it when I put things on her head... like headbands.

She was trying to pull it off.. which is why it's so far down on her forehead... one of these days I will get her to like headbands.  ;)

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