Happy Birthday To Me :)


I celebrated my birthday the other day (on the 21st)... and it was a wonderful one.  :)

Church, out for lunch (@ Star Kebab, yummm), out for ice cream, a movie and a nap with my hubby and our little princess.. and then Clara and I played with some paints.  Oh, and it was just gorgeous outside, too!

My hubby bought me a new camera for my b-day present... a Nikon D3000.. that I've been wanting for a long time.  What a guy!  :)  Now with Clara here, I wanted a camera  that I could capture good quality photos of her and our family.. and I am SO happy with this camera (although I still have a lot to learn about it)!

And thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!  I'm so blessed.  :)

She liked playing in the paint.. although it was a little difficult to get a good footprint.. she liked to squish her toes together.. ;)

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