Writing a Birth Story..


This weekend I'm finally sitting down to write in my 'Motherhood' journal... to write about the beautiful birth of our precious Clara.  I'm excited to get it all written down and sort of 're-live' the day.. what a perfect day it was!  I really love this journal.  I want to make sure to write down everything I can... so that one day, when my baby girl is all grown up... I can give it to her as a gift.. something she can treasure and read whenever she wants.. so she knows what a beautiful gift from God she is.. how loved she is (and was before she was even born).. and so she can read about every detail of the day that a miracle happened.. the day that she was born into this world.. oh how I love her so very, very much!


  1. way sweet haley, she'll LOVE it later on in life... I have a journal that's just for charlotte :)

  2. can you write in my baby book for me? You have such nice handwriting! :)


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