She's HERE!


Our sweet, sweet baby girl was born on June 15th -- 10 days early!  Smart girl.. she knew her mommy was getting uncomfortable and impatient.  I was so ready to meet her.  She is perfect in every sense of the word.  She is so beautiful, it's almost ridiculous.  We love her more than anything else in this world and I just love to look at her, watch her sleep, shower her with kisses on her perfect little cheeks and lips, and snuggle her all day long.  I can't believe she's 2 weeks old already.  The labor, the birth, the hospital stay... it couldn't have gone any better.  We had such an amazing experience... a wonderful Doctor, and super nice and helpful nurses.  It's such a miracle.. to think that this precious baby girl was growing inside me for 9 months!  So amazing. 

There's nothing sweeter than a daddy and his daughter.  :)

I love everything about her. Her little lips, all the faces she makes, her big blue eyes, her sweet little cry. She's our little princess. :) Once we saw her, we knew that the name Clara Ruth was a perfect fit for her. We loved the name Clara -- so simple, classy, and beautiful. And Ruth after my Grandma, who I miss very very much! I think she would have been happy to hear that.

I have been soaking in every moment the past 2 weeks.. we've had some good family time during my husband's paternity leave. Lots of lounging around in our sweats, loving on our little one. But today he goes back to work. :(

 Photographed & made by Krista Jacobs Photography.


  1. She is soooooo beautiful! Congratulations! What an amazing little blessing!

  2. Very nice entry to your blog my sweet, sweet daughter. She is more beautiful every day..just like her mother. I love the pics of her and her daddy...precious. Love you and miss you lots.

  3. I've been wondering when I'd see this post!
    Congrats to both of you, she's beautiful!

  4. What an adorable little girl! Welcome to the (blog) world Clara! :)


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