Keeping Busy!


Next week I should be heading up to Seoul to stay until our little one gets here (so SOON!).  I had my mom send me a bunch of yarn (and a book for when my hands need a rest from crocheting) to keep me busy while hubby is working.. since I know I'll be antsy.  So -- thanks Momma!!

All the yarn is so pretty and vibrant.. and soft!  I have big plans for all this yarn!  I can't wait to show what I'm making with it.  Of course, most of it is going to be for baby girl.  ;)

The past few days I've been a tad miserable - my whole body hurts, ankles swelling, I can't sleep at night for the life of me, so by the time early afternoon rolls around I'm DEAD TIRED.  There has been lots of napping going on in the past few days... much needed, though.  So thankful that I have a wonderful husband that helps me out around the house, and rubs my feet.. hehe.

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