A Weekend in Seoul!


It was a fabulous weekend!  I had another baby shower on Saturday, thanks to the wonderful ladies of the Enlisted Spouses Club.  I had a great time and received some super adorable gifts -- can't ever get tired of precious baby girl things!  Also, how fun is this cake?!

Right after that, hubby and I headed up to Seoul to spend the weekend together... to celebrate our 2 year anniversary which was on June 1st:)  We went on a river cruise on the Han River, enjoyed dinner together, and stayed the night.  On Sunday we went out for breakfast and enjoyed the extremely beautiful weather by going to Namsan Park and the Seoul Tower, walking around Namdaemun Market, and the Coex Mall.  That is a lot in one day for this pregnant lady.. I must say.  We had a great time, but my feet weren't so happy by the time we got home.  ;)  So he gave me a foot massage and told me I deserve to go get a pedicure today - I must agree!

Han River Cruise

 Seoul Tower

All the locks are so neat.  They had tons upon tons of them.  People from all over the world have put locks on this chain fence, writing on them, signifying everlasting love I guess you could say.  Very neat.. of course we had to hang one too.  :)

View from the Seoul Tower.. a little hazy, but you get the idea.. it's a pretty big city.  ;)  Over 10 million people!

We had such a wonderful time together... our last little trip together before we are a family of three.  I just cannot contain my excitement about this little baby girl that's about to enter our lives -- I get giddy just thinking about it!

Now.. this mama is off to go get a pedicure (probably the last one I'll get before baby gets here) !!

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  1. What a cute cake you had for your shower! How fun! And that lock fence is so cool, what a fun thing that you guys added one of your own!


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