Nesting Day II


We've decided that we're leaving for Seoul on Sunday afternoon because my husband has work duty tonight, so today I finished the rest of my 'nesting list' while my hubby finished up his 'honey-do' list! 
  • Scrub out garbage can
  • Sweep & mop all floors
  • Vacuum living rooms, bedrooms, couches, all crevices in kitchen, etc
  • Dust off all ceiling fans (hubby)
  • Dust everything else 
  • Check & wash filter in air purifier (hubby)
  • Clean, vacuum, & wash car (hubby)
  • Clean off & sweep porch (hubby)
  • Clean off desk & sort through important papers
  • Wash our bedding
  • Laundry
  • Pack diaper bag & my hospital bag
  • Pick up any clutter around house
  • Go thru & redo family household binder
  • Print off birth plan
And I must say, after all this cleaning.. the Mr. Clean magic eraser is my best friend!  That thing will seriously clean anything.  Packing baby girl's diaper bag was fun -- we picked out a few outfits, probably too many, but I like to have choices!  Her 'coming home' outfit is important, ya know!  ;)

 38+ weeks.

It's crazy to think that this is out last night at home as 'just us'... when I come back home in a couple of weeks (praying for less!), we will have a precious baby girl with us!  This 9 months has gone by SO fast.  I'm already a little bit sad just thinking about not having her in my belly anymore..


    1. It is a little sad knowing that these are the last days when she will be safely inside you, and you don't share her with anyone- but the joy you have when she comes out eclipses it all! I can't wait for news!

    2. Hi there! I hope everything goes well and good luck! and yes.. the coming home outfit is really important.. a memorable moment!



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