Nesting Day ;)


The past couple of days, I've kicked it into high gear... or as high of a gear I can get to waddling around at 38 weeks.  There has been some intense nesting going on.  As of right now, I'm heading up to Seoul on Saturday to hang out until baby girl comes.  I was thinking about waiting until Sunday night, but we'll see.  So I've only got a couple of days to get everything that I want to get done -- which is more than likely going to be impossible.  But hey, I can try.

Today I've been working my tush off to get things clean... I've gotten a lot done, but there's a lot I still want to get done..
  • Organize & clean all kitchen cabinets
  • Scrub out fridge & freezer
  • Clean oven, microwave, toaster, coffee pot
  • Take out all recycling & trash (hubby)
  • Scrub out garbage can
  • Sweep & mop all floors
  • Vacuum living rooms, bedrooms, couches, all crevices in kitchen, etc
  • Clean out/Organize linen closet
  • Dust off ceiling fans (hubby)
  • Dust everything else
  • Check & wash filter in air purifier (hubby)
  • Clean, vacuum, & wash car (hubby)
  • Clean off & sweep porch (hubby)
  • Shred extra papers & empty out shredder
  • Wash our bedding
  • Laundry
  • Scrub toilet & shower/tub
  • Clean out/organize cabinets & drawers in bathroom
  • Pack diaper bag & my hospital bag
  • Dust/organize shelves & cabinets in laundry room
  • Clean & organize entryway closet
  • Pick up any clutter around house
  • Go thru & redo family household binder
  • Print off birth plan
  • Talk to guy at the passport office
The things that didn't get done will get done tomorrow.  And last but not least...
  • Give myself a manicure
  • Have a bowl of ice cream
  • Take a nap
Hey, I deserved that.. right?  I did A LOT today!  Her nursery is finished & cleaned, so at least I don't have to worry about that.  ;)  I'm sure a lot of things weren't super necessary to get done before she gets here, but if it makes me feel better then that's all that matters.. ha ha!

It's almost 10pm now... and I'm wide awake (of course -- I haven't been able to sleep much the past week or so).  Time to work on my crocheting (I'm making a sunhat for baby girl now) and watch some Conan!  :)

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