My On-The-Go Clutch Essentials


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These days I use a small clutch for my purse, because I have to lug around a big ol' diaper bag... so it only makes sense.  I've had to downsize considerably... my old purse was probably about the size of a diaper bag.. I'm sure it was just filled with old receipts, more pens than I really need, and some lost fruit snacks floating around the bottom.

So because of that, I love having a small clutch to just carry my essentials.  And, of course, all my essentials come from Target.  Because I love Target.  And if you say you do not love Target.. I think you're lying to yourself.  It's my favorite store.  And the dollar spot?  Gets me every.single.time.

And so do the clothes, shoes, home decor, feminine hygiene aisle... naturally. ;)

I've got my good ol' Tampax Pocket Pearl (obviously), some Burt's Bees's lip balm, "orange gum" as my child calls it.. it's her favorite, some ibuprofen for those headaches that sneak up on your at all the wrongs times, a pen... because you must always have a pen, and some hand sanitizer because I have kids and kids tend to touch the most nasty things.  ;)  

I love that the Tampax Pocket Pearl is small enough to fit in my little clutch and the design on the wrapper makes the cute and discreet - so it would be difficult at first glance to even know exactly what it is.  And who doesn't like cute things?  It's the little things like that, that make me smile a little.  ;)  They make it easy for me at work to just put one in my pocket and sneak off to the bathroom!  

Is Target the go-to store for anyone else?  If you carry a small clutch, what do you keep in yours?  Am I missing anything?  If I am, tell me and give me a reason to go back to Target!  Ha!

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