Three Months


This is way late.  I should pretty much just plan on everything I try to do being late at this time in my life.  But it's never too late for some cuteness.  :)  Three month photos, guys.. THREE MONTHS.

He's grown so, so much this month.  He smiles all the time, although not as much as his sister did - he's a bit more reserved.  If you want a smile, sometimes he'll make you work for it.  ;)  I've only gotten a belly laugh out of him once.. but my oh my, was it the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

He is absolutely loving his hands.  He loves to grab at things, chew on them.. chew on them some more.. slobber slobber.  He has his hands up by his face a lot, even when he's not chewing on them.. kind of like in the photo.

He loves to sit up and look around.. see what's going on.  He's been sleeping pretty well.. he slept for 6 straight hours last night for the first time.  And it was the most amazing thing on the planet.  I felt like I got 12 hours of sleep - ha!

He's my chunky hunk.. and I'm excited to see what month 4 has in store!

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