What's in my Diaper Bag? {Timi & Leslie diaper bag review}


I've never been a huge fan of diaper bags.  They basically take the place of your purse for the first two years of your kids life, and a lot of them seem to be so... not cute.  But then I came across Timi & Leslie.  Their bags don't look like diaper bags - shoot, I'd carry it around as my purse even if I didn't have a baby!  They have a good selection to choose from, and I decided on the Dawn 7-piece Diaper Bag Set in Caramel to review.

Totally doesn't look like a diaper bag, right?  The classic caramel leather would go with any outfit.  And not only is it obviously cute, it's practical and functional.  It has six interior pocket and 3 exterior pockets for optimum organization, it's water-resistant and easy to clean, it comes with a cross body strap in case you need to go hands-free and it comes with stroller straps so you can easily hang the bag from your stroller.  Also, it comes with a nice changing pad, an insulated bottle tote, and a stylish matching clutch you can use as your purse - I was really excited about this.. being able to keep my things noticeably separate is important to me!  This bag is super spacious and has plenty of room for all those necessities (for baby and toddler and myself) that I need to keep in it!

I always like to know what others keep in their bags.. maybe I'm lame, but I think it's interesting, so I thought I'd share what I have in mine at the moment.  I'm 10 days away from my due date, and little man will be here any time now.  One of the exciting things about getting a diaper bag... is filling it up and getting it all ready for the sweet babes!

What's inside:
  1. Diapers, wipes, changing pad.. a given.
  2. An extra outfit.. or two if you know your kiddo likes to have some blowouts or major spit-up episodes.  Also little baggies in case I need to toss a dirty diaper (or for soiled clothes) and there's no where to toss it, or I don't want to stink up someone's trash.  ;)
  3. A bib and burp cloths.
  4. A couple little toys/rattles/lovey's.
  5. Dr.  Brown's paci wipes and a pacifier, of course.
  6. I keep the little clutch that it came with inside the bag and in it I keep my wallet, sunglasses, keys, phone, hair tie, chapstick/gloss, hand sanitizer & lotion.  That way I can just grab it quickly if I don't need to take the whole bag.
  7. Nursing cover & nursing pads.
  8. Ring sling.
  9. Bébé au Lait Muslin Swaddle blanket.
  10. A little first aid kit of sorts - Band-aids, Neosporin, etc, along with diaper cream.
  11. Stuff for Clara:  A little drawing pad and crayons, a snack, a sippy cup of water.
Thanks to Timi & Leslie for the chance to bring you a review of this bag - check them out on Facebook!  I'm thinking I might come back and do another post on this after I've had the chance to carry it around and put it to real good use when little man gets here.  But for now.. What do you keep in your diaper bag?  Am I missing anything?  It's been a long time since I've had to pack up one up!

Timi & Leslie sent me this bag in exchange for a review.  All thoughts on it are 100% mine.


  1. Oh, you will love your Timi & Leslie!! I had the "Hannah" bag and it was SO wonderful for both my kids! Enjoy it! I loved the key ring, the cross shoulder strap, and of course the fact that it didn't "look" like a diaper bag! I almost wish I had a new one!

  2. Such a cute diaper bag!! I love that color, it will go with everything.


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