"Punkin" Patch 2013


Last weekend we took Clara to the pumpkin patch.. she loves going to pick herself out a 'punkin' (as she says).. we let her pick out one of the little baby ones.. and she'll carry it around the house for days, haha.  We went with my bro-in-law, sis-in-law, and niece... Clara loves hangin' out with her cousin.  :)

We did all the usual pumpkin patch things.. rode a hayride.. went through a maze of haystacks.. petting zoo.. and pig races.  Let the kiddos run around for a bit.  It was a pretty hot day for October.. in the 80s.  The cooler weather can come any time now.  Please.

My child didn't get a 'proper' nap that day.  So she didn't want much to do with the camera.. and was a bit of a sassy pants.  But I can't blame her, I'm the same way with not enough sleep.  I think she was out before we even left the parking lot!

She was not a very big fan of the animals.  The goats kind of freaked her out, haha.  I can't quite blame her.. their eyes creep me out too.. but on the other hand, they're so cute.  We had a good time.. we always do.  Everyone loves the pumpkin patch!  ;)  Anyone else been the pumpkin patch yet?

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