Butterfly Princess Costume {diy}


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If any of your are like me.. I tend to look over Halloween a little bit.  I get so busy around this time of the year that it just completely evades me.  Until my daughter starts getting excited over it, that is.  But she's not quite there yet.. and here I was last week.. twiddling my thumbs over what to do for her costume.  What I did know was that I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I wanted to keep it simple.

My daughter already had a pair of butterfly wings in her closet (a couple, actually), I found a wand in her toy box, I used one of my sparkly headbands, and then I made a simple fabric circle skirt.... and.. glued some Cottonelle onto the skirt for a fluffy, princess-y effect.

We dubbed it "Butterfly Princess".

If you have a daughter, then more than likely you have something in your house that can be transformed into some sort of princess/queen/angel/butterfly/something-else-girly for a costume.  And I'm sure you all have toilet paper in your house - at least I hope you do.  If not, just head to Target and get yourself a 12 pack of the Cottonelle Triple Roll (your behind will also thank you for this).  The key is to find stuff that you already have laying around the house... I invested hardly any time or money into this.  And this girl just had a ball in it.

Even daddy had fun playing "Butterfly Princess"... he had his own set of wings and everything.  ;)  Precious, right?  He was definitely mean to be a daddy to a little girl.  Can't wait to stick this photo in a scrapbook!  

Do you want to try the super soft Cottonelle Triple Roll?  Whether for a fun getup... or...... your bottom.  Yes, I said it.  ...Well if you do, grab this coupon and you'll get a free box of Kleenex when you pick up a 12 or 20 roll package, while supplies last.

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