Our Little Carving Party


If your read my blog regularly, you already know that we went to the pumpkin patch last weekend.  It was a good time, and of course, we found a couple pumpkins to carve up!  This is the first year we've carved pumpkins since Clara was born, and it was a lot of fun because she really got to be involved with it.  We wanted to carve the pumpkins outside, but it was raining so we opted for the garage instead.  More room to move around and make a mess than inside the house.  ;)

We were gifted the Pumpkin Masters carving kits, tools, and little strobe lights for inside the pumpkin.  They were actually really neat.  It came with all the tools you need to carve and scoop and even came with fun designs to trace and carve out.  I've seen these kits a lot of places.. Walmart, grocery stores.. I even saw them at the pumpkin patch last week!

I will definitely be using these kits every year.  I don't think I could carve a pumpkin with a big ol' kitchen knife while my 2-year old is running around.  And with these, she was able to sit down and 'help' me do it!  Plus it was just so easy to use.

And although she liked the carving part, she was not a fan of the whole scooping-it-out part.  She did not like the way the pumpkin felt on her hands... she's such a girly girl that way.. she does not like her hands being dirty.

My husband decided to carve out a ghost, and I did a "surface carving" of an owl.  If you didn't know, a surface carving is where you just shave out some of the pumpkin, and not carving out a whole piece.  All I had to do with tape my outline onto my pumpkin, and then I took my rotary and marked long the lines... it left an outline on the pumpkin, and you just shave out the designated areas with their little shaver tool.

Ta-da!  My owl!  I've never surface carved before, so it was pretty fun!  It's not perfect.. but hey, it does look like an owl.  ;)  Made me feel all creative and artistic.. haha!

If you want to get all creative and artistic too, you should enter the Pumpkin Masters' annual carving contest!  The contest runs until October 31st, and you can catch up on all the details here.. you'll have a chance of winning quite a few cool prizes.. including $5,000 for best pumpkin!

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