Take the Guesswork Out of Gift-Giving with Ziftit


Have you ever had to buy a gift for someone who has "everything".. or someone who is just plain hard to buy for? *raises hand* Me. Story of my life. Or maybe I just feel like men are hard to buy for. My dad, my husband, my father-in-law. I love giving gifts. But sometimes it gives me a little stress and anxiety. Anyone else?

Anyway, Ziftit had offered me a chance to try out their website to buy a gift for someone - I chose to use this opportunity for Father's Day to find a gift for my husband.

It's a simple concept. You can create wishlists for yourself and others, and others are able to view it. So when my husbands asks what I want for Christmas.. wah-la.. just visit my Ziftit List, babes. Or you can create events.. ie: Father's Day, birthdays, etc. And if you're like my husband, and have expensive hobbies (hunting, fishing, guns, woodworking, anything manly).. there's also an option for people to 'pitch in' money, so multiple people can contribute to a big gift. Kind of fun! And you can search the Ziftit website for gifts, or you can download their plugin and add to your Zift List from any website.

After debating over chop saws and fishing poles, I ended up going for a gun holster. Happy Father's Day to him! ;)


I also took the liberty of making a Zift List for myself... I mean, why not? A girl can dream.


Ziftit is also one of those companies that likes to contribute some good into this world. Who doesn't like that? This past Christmas, they provided 1,000 gifts to children and families displaced by Hurricane Sandy and they are now reaching out to residence of Moore, OK and all the families affected by the tornado.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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